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Place and Post-Truth

Appel à propositions, Journée d'étude / Recherche

Du 5 mai 2021 au 15 juin 2021

Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire

Le groupe THAW (Territories, Horizons in the Anglophone World) du CEMRA organise le 19 novembre 2021 une journée d'étude dans le cadre du séminaire itinérant GeoHumanities.

This Call For Papers invites propositions on the complex relationships between place and truth with the challenging perspective of addressing the ramifications of place with what is often referred to as ‘post-truth’.

For this seminar weinvite propositions on postcolonialissuessuch ashaunted places, the construction of truth (truth commissions in New Zealand and South Africa), in-betweenurban/ruralplaces, invisible places (retentioncentres, mother andbaby homes (Ireland), legal fiction (Australia), but also how ‘pre-truth’ national narratives are constructed retroactively (‘deep fake’).We also look forward to receiving abstracts on how former colonial powers react to reappraisals of their histories and places of memory (demands for the removal or relocation of statues and memorials deemed racist; Balliol College’s 2021 apology forthe historical acceptance of donations linked to the Atlantic slave trade; the National Trust’s report on the connections between colonialism and the properties in their care...).

Scientific Committee:
Grégory Albisson
Pierre-Alexandre Beylier
André Dodeman
Maëlle Jeanniard du Dot
Marie Mianowski
Elodie Raimbaud-Luizard
Jessica Small
Christine Vandamme

Please send your proposal by 15 June 2021 to: (gregory[dot]albisson[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr) (andre[dot]dodeman[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr) (marie[dot]mianowski[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr) (christine[dot]vandamme[at]univ-grenoble-alpes[dot]fr)


Du 5 mai 2021 au 15 juin 2021


Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire


Marie Mianowski

marie.mianowski [at]

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