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Canada after 9/11

Mis à jour le 4 mars 2015

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Sandrine Tolazzi
What Holds Canada Together ?
Paru le
30 janvier 2013


Numéro qui fait suite au colloque organisé par notre Centre le 11 septembre 2011 sous la direction de Sandrine Tolazzi.


This special issue of « International Journal » is based on an international conference that took place on 9-10 September 2011 in Grenoble and examined the impact of 9/11 on the idea of « living together » in Canada, i.e. on the relations among the different communities living in Canada and between Canada and its southern neighbour.
To what extent did Canadian society change after 9/11, and how much of this change can be attributed to the transformations that occurred in the United States ? Whas there a shift in Canadian attitudes towards Muslims living in Canada, and if so, can this change be ascribed to post-9/11 representations of the world order ? These are some of the questions addressed by the various articles presented in this issue.

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