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Séminaire sur les nouveaux espaces du discours politique


Elsa Devienne

Elsa Devienne

le 14 décembre 2017
de 13h30 à 15h30
salle G 205 - Bâtiment Stendhal

Intervention de Elsa Devienne, maître de conférences en civilisation américaine à l'Université Paris Nanterre : “Urban Renewal by the Sea: Reinventing the Beach for the Suburban Age in Postwar Los Angeles”.

Between the 1920s and the 1960s, Los Angeles engineers, city officials, urban planners, and the business elite worked together to transform the relatively untouched beaches of the early twentieth-century into modern playgrounds. They cleaned up and enlarged the beaches—up to three times their original size—and destroyed old piers and barracks to make room for brand-new accommodations, parking lots, and freeways. The members of this powerful “beach lobby” reinvented the beach experience for the suburban age, effectively preventing a much-feared “white flight” from the coast. In doing so, they established Southern California as the national reference point for shoreline planning and public access to the coast. Yet these transformations also had adverse consequences for certain groups of beachgoers, including bodybuilders, African-Americans, and homosexuals, whose presence on the sand did not fit what the beach lobby had in mind for the shores. These Angelenos claimed their right to occupy the coastline, fighting with marginal success against the currents of beach modernization.

Responsables de l'événement  : Michael Foley et Grégory Benedetti

Mis à jour le 4 juin 2018

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Lieu : 
Salle G 205
Bâtiment Stendhal
Université Grenoble Alpes

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